IT Infrastructure

The Institute is equipped with state of the art IT facilities. It has a large IT Laboratory (Business Intelligence Lab) with more than 50 work stations and modern Audio Video facilities. This Lab is used for students to learn various MIS and DSS tools on hands on mode. The Lab is also supported with statistical software like SPSS and Business Analytics Tools such as R, Rapid Miner, and Rattle etc. The facilities are available up to 8.30pm in the evening on every working day.

The Institute has installed FACT ERP for processing financial accounts, payroll and HR applications. The library is equipped with Libsys, comprehensive popular software, which automates all the library activities from procurement of books, membership to management of issues and receipts and books.

A 4 Mbps lease line is used for internet facilities in a dedicated way for 24*7. All the desktops are connected in a LAN system (numbering more than 150). Laptop and Tablet Users use Wi-Fi connections from a large no. of access points, scattered throughout the campus. The institute has installed personal identification system (PIS) as part of the IT security policy for using any internet resources in campus.

There is also a video conferencing set up which can facilitate Video Conferences using IP addresses.