The Annual Corporate Panel Discussion is the first flagship of the department of MBA (Day) of the Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management. It is an interactive event with the eminent corporate citizens, transcending classroom learning and imbibing a whole new vision; essentially on the evolving topics from the spheres of Finance, Marketing, Human Resource and Systems, so as to enhance the perspective and to have a better understanding of the functioning of these spheres in the business world.

Tentative Schedule: September


With the onset of chilling winter comes Paradigm, the annual alumni meet of IISWBM MBA (DAY), PARADIGM creates nostalgia in the hearts of the alumni, spread across the cross-section of the corporate world, bringing them back to the long gone days of bonding, learning and preparing for the life that they are all ruling now. IISWBM embraces back its ever-loved alumni on the onset of every New Year in PARADIGM. The agenda of this event is to create bonhomie for its ex-students.

Tentative Schedule: January

Fiera Fiesta

FIERA FIESTA, 2017 organised by the students of MBA (PS) Department is the Annual Alumni meet and Industrial Fair, to bring home the beloved Alumni and allow them to indulge themselves in the nostalgic celebration of years of excellence and academic establishments in the specialized departments being Energy, Environment, Healthcare & Hospital as well as Transportation & Logistics.

Tentative Schedule: January


MANAGEREAL is an overture by the students of MBA (Day). It is an initiative to extend learning beyond the classroom and put the knowledge, skills and attitude of tomorrow's manager's to test. It is not a mere competition but a platform for B-School students from the length and breadth of the country to interact and share their ideas and views with an aim to polish and hone managerial skills.

Tentative Schedule: March


It is a one day event that takes place in the month of October mostly in college premises where the Alumni and Events Committee work hand in hand. We the students of MHRM invite our alumnus to college for a gala party where students also get an opportunity to interact with them.

Tentative Schedule: March

Genesis- Annual

It is a two day event conducted by the students of MHRM, held every year on the IISWBM campus. It’s a platform for students to showcase their talents and knowledge. It includes quiz rounds, treasure hunt, 2 minutes to fame, etc. The games are structured in such a way that students from all background can take part. The fest is open for inter college as well as intra college students

Tentative Schedule: February