“GURU-KSHETRA” is an interactive session between some of the esteemed alumni of the Institute and the first year MBA students. The session helps the new-comers choose their subject of specialization (Productions & Operations, Human Resource, Business Analytics, Marketing and Finance) and clear all their doubts regarding the theory/practical aspects of the subjects. The students get to know the present market scenario and the industry expectation from alumni.

Tentative Schedule: September


With the onset of chilling winter comes Paradigm, the annual alumni meet of IISWBM MBA (DAY), PARADIGM creates nostalgia in the hearts of the alumni, spread across the cross-section of the corporate world, bringing them back to the long gone days of bonding, learning and preparing for the life that they are all ruling now. IISWBM embraces back its ever-loved alumni on the onset of every New Year in PARADIGM. The agenda of this event is to create bonhomie for its ex-students.

Tentative Schedule: January


It is a one day event that takes place in the month of October mostly in college premises where the Alumni and Events Committee work hand in hand.
We the students of MHRM invite our alumnus to college for a gala party where students also get an opportunity to interact with them.

Tentative Schedule: October