Sl. No. Date Topic Speaker
1. 02.08.2017 Competition and Market Sharing Dr. Debi Prasad Mohapatra,
Assistant Professor,
Department of Resource Economics,
University of Massachusetts, Amherst
2. 02.08.2017 Data Driven Strategic Practices in Organizations Mrs. Piya Mohapatra ,
Manager, Advanced Analytics,
DigitasLbi Greater Boston Area, U.S.A
3. 04.08.2019 Production & Distribution Planning Mr. Debashish Dutta
4. 11.08.2017 Controlling Inventories Mr. Debashish Dutta
Sl. No. Date Topic Speaker
1. 22-07-2016 Insurance as a Career Mr S Gopalkrishnan,
Ex-Head - Reinsurance,
HDFC ERGO General Insurance,
2. 29-07-2016 Banking & Law Ms Nitu Agarwal,
Deputy General Manager,
ICICI Bank Ltd
3. 05-08-2016 E - Learning Mr. Saikat Saha
Sr. Executive - HR
4. 12-08-2016 Contracts and Labour Law Mr. Sushanto Ganguly
Practicing Lawyer in Calcutta High Court
5. 26-08-2016 Start Up Mr. Siddhartha Chatterjee,
Bhajahari Manna
6. 30-08-2016 Trends in Commercial Banking Dr. Nilansu Bhattacharyya,
Jogesh Chandra Chowdhury Law College
7. 06-02-2017 CSR Mr. V Bhardwaj,
Head – CSR,
Dalmia Bharat Group
8. 06-02-2017 Digital Marketing Mr. Tapas Piplai,
Exe Vice President,
Kent RO Systems
9. 15-02-2017 Cost Benefit Analysis Mr. Rajesh Panday,
Chairman & MD,