AEE International CEA & CEM Certification (Online Training & Examination) for the Year 2020 : 1st Announcement

AEE International CEA & CEM Online Training & Examination (India & Nepal) for the Year 2020 are given below:

Important Dates for CEM Fees* INR (USD for international candidate) Indian Institute of Social Welfare & Business Management (IISWBM)
for the I-VII Sessions in the year 2020 Important Dates for online CEA & CEM
(Admit E-Card will have Training Agenda)
Training Seminar (4 Hrs/day) (15.00 to 19.00 Hrs) Before GST With GST 18-26 - August – 2020 and 17-27 - August – 2020, respectively
Examination (4 Hrs) 50000 (725) 59000 (855) Exam date should be as they book the slot online (
Application Complete with Fees, within this date 40000 (625) 47200 (738) 4-Aug-20
#Email of Admit E-Card to Eligible Candidates 13-Aug-20
Declaration of Examination Result Within two months from the date of Examination

Candidates are requested to pay the exact fee amount, and The International candidates are also requested to convert the fee amount into INR before payment. Pay fees after confirmation as payment of excess may initiate a time consuming tedious refund process.

* Fees include relevant expenditures for Administrative Charges, Lectures and Study Materials (online), Certificate, etc. 10% Discount in Fees will be applicable to valid AEE Members and also to Alumni Members of IISWBM and AEE Student Members who served the respective AEE Student Chapters as Office Bearers and they are requested to pay the fees amount after excluding the applicable discount as would be emailed to you by IISWBM. Your application (format available with IISWBM) for discount is to be forwarded by the President of AEE Chapter with whom you are associated.

#Email of ADMIT E-CARD also indicates confirmation of holding the programme after securing minimum number of eligible candidates. If the programme is cancelled or postponed, registered candidates may opt for full return of fees or transfer to next session. Approval of any change must be secured from before issue of ADMIT E-CARD, after which no claim for refund of fees would be entertained.

Interested professionals are advised the follow the steps as mentioned below.

1.Download the five files and study them as per your requirement mentioned below
2. Enroll your name at : For Enrollment (Click here)
3. One of the five files downloaded is one Excel file. Fill up the Excel file ‘AEEIntApnForEaAv1 CEAorCEM Location MyFullName’ and rename and then email as per instructions therein
4. Start processing the (MS Word) Application File as it would need many supporting documents which may take some time
5. Wait for the response (you will get the Excel file back with some modifications), on eligibility and availability, within five working days, (if you are found eligible, block in Payment Cells will be removed) and then make the necessary payments online (as the preferred option).
6. Fill up the Application File as well as (modified version you received) the Excel file. Submit the two filled-up files along with their (converted)pdf version
7. Follow the schedule to your selected programme and start preparation as per Study Guide available at
8. For any query/clarification/elaboration: Email your queries to and and/or WhatsApp/SMS +91 9163156300 or +91 9433153009 / +91 9123395598.