Masters in Social Welfare (MSW).

  2-yr full time degree program of the University of Calcutta.

The Indian Institute of Social Welfare and Business Management was set up in the year 1953 with the vision to create professionals to manage professional business organizations with an awareness of the social responsibility of business. The name of the Institute itself suggests that the founding fathers felt the need to blend business management with social welfare through academic excellence. The focus at IISWBM has always been to create socially conscious professional managers. After completing sixty years of promoting excellence in education it would like to renew its pledge by offering a postgraduate degree program in Social Welfare to meet the growing need for trained manpower, through value-based professional education for social work in different social spheres.

The course is designed to provide students with a sound theoretical knowledge about social work, social welfare, laws, policies and the fields and domains of social work. It will develop knowledge of history and development of social work in India and abroad as well as current trends of social work practices. It aims to develop skills in students for working with people and communities at different levels and network with other groups and professionals working in similar areas. The course will also emphasize an understanding of the relation between the State, its policies and laws and how these can be usefully deployed for ensuring human rights and entitlements.

The course will be delivered through classroom sessions, presentations, seminars as well as fieldwork based internship. The faculty is experienced in teaching, research, as well as practice.

Students will be required to any two areas of specialization from the list below to qualify for the degree.

  Choice based optional specialization to be offered in the areas of :

  • Child & Family Welfare
  • Correctional Social Work
  • Community Organisation & Development Practice
  • Labour Welfare


To create through proper, systematic education, trained social work and social welfare professionals who can be employed by various governmental, inter-governmental and non-government organizations working in micro as well as in macro levels, locally, nationally or internationally.

  Salient features of the Course

Programme duration and delivery

  • Classes will be held on five weekdays (10.30 am - 5.00 pm)
  • Summer internship and field work
  • Four semesters
  • Dual specialization

  Head of the Department

Prof. Dr. Sudeepa Banerjee

  Admission Calendar

Description Date
Last Date of Issue & Receipt of Application Forms 14th June, 2019
Short List of Students for WT,GD & Interview List will be available at only 21st June,2019
Written Test,Group Discussion & Interview 26th && 27th June,2019
Final Result (on website) 3rd July, 2019
Session Begins 24th July, 2019
Class Hours 10.30 hrs. to 17.00 hrs.
Dates are subject to change, if necessary


  1st Year (Rs.) 2nd Year (Rs.) Total (Rs.)
Admission Fee 8,000/- - 8,000/-
Tuition Fee 63,000/- 71,000/- 1,34,000/-
Development Fee 9,000/- 9,000/- 18,000/-
Library Caution Money 5,000/- - 5,000/-
Security Deposit 5,000/- - 5,000/-
Total 90,000/- 80,000/- 1,70,000/-
Total Fees : 1,70,000/- including refundable deposit of Rs. 10,000/-
Students will be allowed to pay the fees in four installments.
Instalments : 1st Rs. 50,000/- 2nd, 3rd, Final Rs. 40,000/- each

Bank loan facilities are available.
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  Admission Brochure Along With Information

Eligibility : Honours candidates or equivalent course(where honours are not available) from a recognised University,Graduate in any professional course (Engineering, etc) , LL.B (5 years) of a recognised University. Final admission will be based on the qualification being approved by the University of Calcutta for admission to the Masters Degree course in Social Welfare.

  Course Curriculum


Course Code Subjects Name
101 Theory and Practice of social work (100)
102 Research Methodology of social work (100)
103 Computer Application and Statistics (100)
104 Perspectives on social work (100)


Course Code Subjects Name
201 Socio-Economic Development (100)
202 Community organization and practice (100)
203 Management of Social Welfare (100)
204 Disaster Management, Environment and sustainable development (100)

(One month Internship)


One- Month Internship and

Course Code Subjects Name
301 Role of Media and Communication in Social Work (100)
302 Special paper 1 (from an area of specialization) (100)
303 Special paper 2 (from the same area of specialization as in 302) (100)
304 Special paper 3 (from the same area of specialization as in 302) (100)


Course Code Subjects Name
401 Special paper 4 (from another area of specialization) (100)
402 Special paper 5 (from the same area of specialization as in 401) (100)
403 Special paper 6 (from the same area of specialization as in 401) (100)
404 Dissertation (100)

Choice based optional areas of Specialization (Each of 300 marks)

  • 1. Child and Family Welfare
    Optional Paper Code Subject
    CFW01 Counseling and Social Work Practice (100)
    CFW02 Development Practice, Policies and Programmes for Children and Families (100)
    CFW03 Methods of Social Work(100)
  • 2. Correctional Social Work
    Optional Paper Code Subject
    CSW01 Correctional Policies, Institution and Administration (100)
    CSW02 Human Rights, Criminal Laws and Procedures (100)
    CSW03 Philosophy of crime and punishment (100)
  • 3. Community Organization and Development Practices
    Optional Paper Code Subject
    COD01 Rural and Urban Governance (100)
    COD02 State, Social Protection and Development Programme(100)
    COD03 Social Welfare Administration (100)
  • 4. Labour Welfare
    Optional Paper Code Subject
    LWO01 Labour Welfare Laws in India (100)
    LWO02 Industrial and Labour Economics and Administration (100)
    LWO03 Industrial safety, health and hygiene (100)