Life at IISWBM

IISWBM Kolkata provides the faculty and students with a sprawling campus of area 1786 square metres. The campus has a serene environment which is conducive to education and learning. The students can pursue their academics with utmost focus and also unwind from time to time in the open campus.

The state-of-the-art, technologically advanced and modern facilities awaits students and faculty alike as they proceed with their regular activity. The spacious air-conditioned classrooms are well equipped with Smart boards, LCD multimedia projector etc. and properly maintained to cater to the academic requirements of the students. Students are provided with free wireless connectivity to make their learning process easy and effective.

The seminar rooms possess all the necessary amenities so that ideas can be exchanged between the students and faculty and even members from other institutes or corporate houses.

The conference rooms have been constructed on the most modern lines with audio-visual aids. The facility of video conferencing makes it even more industry friendly with the scope of uninterrupted interaction.

The auditoria boast of well-designed stage, good acoustics, comfortable seating and an audio-visual screen. It is the perfect platform for meetings, stage shows and interactive sessions. The screen complements any kind of audio-visual communication with amplifiers, speakers and an installed projector.
The Computer Centre of the institute is built across 162 square metres. It has all the resources in place to facilitate the academic and administrative activities of the institute. To support the entire network connection, two servers run on a 24/7 basis with a leased line facility.
The library has a very rich and varied collection of books, journals and various other study materials. It is well furnished and modern and provides a pleasant experience to its members.